About Concierge Medical Practice

Over the last few years, the changes in the way healthcare is delivered have not been for the better. Patients are being faced with shorter visits, higher premiums, larger deductibles and less access to care. Doctors are seeing more and more interference and hindrance of care by insurance companies and Medicare. Doctors are being told how to practice medicine.

The Concierge medical practice is also known as membership or retainer medicine. It is designed to restore the patient/physician relationship and allow the focus to return to your health and well-being. Traditional practices may have a physician carrying a panel of around 3,000 patients, on average. In the Concierge practice, the retainer allows the physician to have a typical panel of 400-600 patients. These changes allow the doctor to provide enhanced care by committing to limit his load of patients to ensure adequate availability and time for each patient. Less patients per day and longer visits, with better availability, provides the ability to better handle individual patient's needs.