About MyMD of Tulsa

MyMD of Tulsa is located at 71st and Harvard and once the transfer is official we will be sending out notification to come for your first visit to get acquainted, discuss any questions you may have, and get you established at the new practice.

Benefits of MyMD of Tulsa

• Dependable Personalized and Convenient Care

• Relaxed Appointments

• Greater Convenience

• Visits with your Personal Physician, No Midlevels

• Direct Access to your Doctor After-Hours when appropriate.

• Tailored Comprehensive Care

• Minimal Wait Times

• Same Day Access

• Longer Appointment Times

• Facilitated Referrals for Specialized Care

• Number one in quality ranking for UPC Family Medicine 2016-2017.


The current fee schedule for services in the office range from $150-175 per month based on age. Dependent children (22 years old or less) may be added for $50 each per month, when appropriate, and can be discussed on an individual basis.